Meet Silky, the hairless hamster whose owners had to leave her behind when they chose to move and left her in a shelter. The staff at the Oregon Humane Society in Portland fell in love with the animal despite her unusual appearance. And while Silky the hamster waits patiently for a loving new home, one of the staff members crocheted Silky a beautiful little sweater to keep her warm.

Selene Mejia, an animal technician, had the idea for the sweater when she noticed Silky curled up in the corner of her cage. Due to Silky’s lack of hair, the little creature was undoubtedly feeling the cold. The sweater made a significant difference because it allows her to wait for a new owner while feeling warm, comfy, and fashionable.

According to Diana Gabaldon of the Oregon Humane Society, “Silky is hairless due to a genetic abnormality,” The Dodo. She is equally as affectionate and lively as any other hamster, despite not being fluffy like a typical hamster. She does require a higher protein diet and should be kept in a heated location, particularly during the winter.

So if you have a house that’s nice and warm, and believe that different is beautiful… Maybe it’s time to let one special little hamster into your world – and into your heart.