It’s hard to imagine what these poor animals have endured, writes kenhthoisu

Everyone assumes that anyone who owns a pet is responsible, kind, and compassionate. Sadly, some people don’t live up to this standard, and we find ourselves wondering why anyone ever allowed them to own a pet in the first place. No one is flawless, but some individuals are truly awful, so let’s not talk about perfection here.

Consider what occurred in Tutaev, Russia. People gathered and rushed to resolve the situation after someone spotted a dog hanging upside down from the edge of a balcony. The situation could have been disastrous for the dog. They helped the dog, but they soon realized that it was nothing more than a scratch in comparison to what she had to go through before. The balcony situation was no accident—Rada, as she was later called, wanted to get out of the apartment.

This is Rada, a poor emaciated dog who was left for dead in an apartment building

Nobody knows who saw her first, but somebody noticed a dog hanging out of a balcony in Tutaev, Russia

However, let’s start from the beginning. The neighbors heard shrill cries emanating from an apartment building on a typical day. A dog was hanging upside down from the edge of a second-floor balcony as other people sought to figure out where the noise was coming from. It appears that Rada could have fallen at any time, which could have had a tragic outcome.

The locals quickly mobilized to help the dog out of a dangerous situation, where she was hanging on for dear life

As time went on, more and more residents began to assemble; at first, it appeared to be simply youngsters (the film was recorded by one of them), but soon the adults joined in to assist. Someone gave Rada a ladder, and a man saved Rada. For a little while, everything appeared to be in order, but everyone soon realized that something wasn’t right about the way she looked.

The rescue operation was successful, and at the time, nobody realized the extent of her damage

Everyone was shocked at how poor the dog looked, even children realized that she was in very bad shape

People gasped as Rada down the ladder in the man’s hands since she didn’t appear healthy at all, her ribs were clearly apparent, and even the naive kids could see that she was weak and famished. Naturally, this created some concerns about the owner, but at the time, Rada’s health took priority above justice, so someone hurried her to the veterinarian.

The dog was diagnosed with anemia, a blood condition where the blood has hemoglobin deficiency

While she was there, a diagnosis of anemia, or a lack of hemoglobin in the blood, which was probably brought on by prolonged fasting or malnutrition, was made. She also appeared to be traumatized, terrified, and fatigued. The good news was that she has begun receiving care.

None of the nearby shelters wanted to take the dog, but an hour after the news broke, one person stated that the dog was taken to the clinic

The local animal shelters were less than hospitable to Rada and didn’t want to take the poor dog under their wing. One door closes, but another one opens. She was able to get some food and a roof over her head thanks to several kindhearted volunteers and the “Do Good” animal protection charity.

The people were curious about the situation and wanted to figure out what happened. Apparently, she was held prisoner by her alcoholic owner

The owner’s story is extremely confusing, as well. It turns out that he’s well-known to the police who they frequently called to the apartment, but for other reasons. According to Russian newspapers, the owner is a habitual intoxicant who constantly consumed alcohol with his pals, frequently caused a commotion, and even refused to allow police inside after they had been summoned to handle the matter. But things continued; the owner didn’t care at all about the fines. Galina Ionina, a volunteer from the area, filed an additional police report for animal cruelty.

The police had been called on the owner numerous times before. He was fined, but didn’t care at all and continued his cruel behavior

According to the investigation, the owner just heartlessly abandoned the dog and cat in an apartment, where they were cruelly allowed to perish. Sadly, despite her suffering, Rada was still luckier than the cat since, according to Russian media, the cat did not survive. Poor kitty…

The people at “Do Good” animal protection society took over the custody of the dog

It would have been nice if the cat had lived, but beggars can’t be choosers, and we can’t deny the fact that at least one of them managed to escape the cage. The “Do Good” animal protection charity assumed custody of Rada as the dog made a gradual but steady recovery. Now that she’s in much better care, let’s hope she’ll find a forever home where she can feel love and care.

She’s getting better day by day

Despite the horrific event, the dog is in good hands now and is on her way to recovery