There are still many creatures in the world with unexpected birth defects. Some are welcomed and loved, others are hated for being different. The same goes for animals. Skipper is an example of this, writes pawsplanet. Born with six legs and two tails, this puppy was rejected by his mother.

This Aussie collie was born naturally in Oklahoma on February 16, along with eight other siblings. While all his siblings were healthy and completely normal, Skipper was a little different. His mother also abandoned him, so the little kitten was brought to Neel Veterinary Hospital for more appropriate medical treatment.

People believe Skipper is the first kitten of his kind to survive and call him a ,,miracle”. Literally. With a combination of congenital diseases, he has survived longer than any other dog. There are no published studies showing this kind of a dog being born alive. You can see updates about Skipper on his Facebook page.

What exactly made Skipper so strange and unusual? According to hospital veterinarians, an egg cell in the kitten’s uterus wanted to divide into twins, but failed to do so and the rare dog was the result of this process. Thanks to his willpower and timely medical intervention, Skipper overcame this unfortunate situation and continues to thrive. He also has copied organs from the waist down, but fortunately they are still functioning properly.

Skipper receives a lot of love and many people pray for him. Some people are still worried about his health, but his caretakers confirmed that Skipper is a happy and healthy puppy. He is not in pain and is not expected to be in pain. So there seems to be nothing to worry about, at least for now.

Neel Veterinary Hospital said on Facebook that they have no intention of euthanizing him as there is no indication that he is suffering or will suffer. The vets believe Skipper will live a full and happy life and have no idea what to expect in the future, so they are expecting a journey. The hospital has also set up a Facebook page where people can stay in touch with Skipper, which now has more than 55,000 followers.

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