A tiny dog, smaller than a cat, was found living among the chickens in a chicken coop. He was not faring well. Underweight, riddled with mange, and suffering from leishmaniasis – which is common in Greece – Feathers was almost blind from his neglect.

Thankfully Save a Greek Stray was notified and they came to rescue him.

The Orphan Pet wrote:

“Nobody knows how he ended up living in a chicken coop, but that’s where he was found. Living among the chickens, covered in feathers (that’s why he was named Feather), full of fleas and ticks, with what had remained of his hair forming dirty dreads.”

“Feather suffered from leishmaniasis, and since he hadn’t received treatment in time, he was almost blinded by the disease. However, he made a full recovery, and he even gained back his sight.”

They added that the 2.5-kilo dog began to feel better his “amazing character” was revealed: “Feather was a confident, funny dog.”

He’s been happily adopted by a family in Greece and we hardly recognize him now that his fur has all grown back!

He sometimes visits his old friends at the shelter where he is warmly greeted.