What a happiness to hear his good news; all animals deserve to live in loving homes!

Deep in my heart I hope that those who do not love dogs do not treat them mercilessly; the a.ban.doned dog was found earlier this year ti.ed to a tree on a farm in central Georgia in terrible condition.

He seemed to have been struggling to find food, a bed, or any other form of climate change protection for four years, to the point where he had a se.ve.re [wo.und] from being ch.ained to his neck and only 11kg left, resembling skel.eton skin!

Some were furious by the cr.ue.lty filed a [com.plaint ag.ainst] the dog’s owner and shared it on social media, along with some he.artbre.aking photos!

Many people are angry by this [inhu.mane beh.avior] and hope that the dog can find another happy home!

Go Dogs Go Rescue Inc rushed to the area as soon as possible to rescue the dog, formerly known as “Cocaine” – the name given to him by his former owner. The Pit Bull was found to ha.ve [he.art.worm dis.ease], a [pa.ra.sitic condi.ti.on] that causes [in.fl.amm.ation] of the heart and arteries. This is concerning, but he is now completely healthy as a result of the tre.atment.

The dog has been given a new name, “Hero,” in recognition of his valiant battle with his [tr.a.gic] past!

He is now in a warm bed rather than the cold ground, eating well, and no [ch.ains] will bi.nd him!

The most recent Hero images show his new life. The dog has developed a kind, caring, and friendly personality, and he always treats other animals with kindness.

Congratulations, Hero! This cute dog is overjoyed with his new family!

Thank You for saving this worthwhile sweetheart and loving him so much and he will give you a lot of love too!

Bless his heart he should have never been ch.ained up to begin with, so happy he is free from those ch.ains and is in a good loving home.