When there’s a true friendship, there’s nothing that can stop it, neither the size, nor the age, not even the species, or if one of the two friends has wings. As demonstrated by an adorable Chihuahua puppy and a pigeon, both disabled, they forged the strongest friendships.

Their friendship is unconditional.

Lundy is a Chihuahua puppy just two months old who faces a great battle to recover the movement of his legs and to be able to walk again, due to damage to his spine; and Herman is a mischievous pigeon who cannot fly.

The two animals met a month ago at the MIA Foundation, an animal rescue center in New York, United States. Lundy arrived at the site a month ago and it was then that he was welcomed by Herman, who has been with the Foundation for a long time.

Herman and Lundy did not have an easy life.


The puppy was taken to the rescue center by a North Carolina breeder who realized he was having trouble walking. Upon his arrival, he questioned the true sex of the pigeon, because he treats it as the most loving of mothers.

On the other hand, Herman is a permanent resident of the MIA Foundation. But Sue’s goal is to solve Lundy’s mobility problem, with the help of a wheelchair, and find a foster family for him.

They are so cute!

“Lundy weighs only half a kilo now, so we will have to wait for the chair”, said the rescuer.

It’s their friendship that keeps this incredible couple in the hope of having a better future, recovering mobility and being welcomed by a large family, in the case of little Chihuahua.

In other circumstances, the two animals may have had a sad ending due to their deficiencies, but fortunately, they received help from Sue, who dedicates her days to rescuing pets born with some “disability”, many of whom would be euthanized without their intervention.

“Our main objective is to welcome animals with birth defects. But people also bring us injured birds and squirrels at times” said the woman.

Your friendship is incredible.


It’s good to know that there are still people with a good heart, willing to help the animals that need it most. Lundy and Herman will continue to spend the best time together because there is no “defect” that will prevent their genuine friendship.

Share this beautiful story of unconditional friendship with all your friends. Remember that there are many disabled animals that need your help, open the doors of your heart to them.