The world is in need of more people like Eugene Bostick. He is an octogenarian from East Fort Worth, Texas, who has been living on a huge 3-acre land with his family and has a suitable place for stray dogs.

Since his home is located on a dead-end, people have made a wretched habit of abandoning dogs and left them there to starve and die eventually. But Eugene couldn’t stand the thought of the abandoned dogs near his home and decided to make something for dogs.

He spent a lot of time taking care of the stray puppies, fed them, and took them to the vet. He even built the adorable dog train to take them on adventures and trips.

This sounds like a good way of spending your retired years and taking care of those unlucky or helpless stray dogs. The dogs seem to be enjoying the train ride very much and according to Eugene, they show their excitement by barking and carefully observing the road.

Of course, passers-by couldn’t help themselves and immortalized the cute moments, posting them on social media for everyone to see.