Solo travel is fun, but having a few extra companions won’t hurt, and it’s even more fun. Especially if you love to travel but also love animals, dogs and cats can be the perfect companions to fulfill all your desires. And if you have both cats and dogs with you, the fun will be doubled! That is also the story of the dog and cat couple and their owner below.

Henry and Baloo’s Best Friends
Pair of cats and dogs next to “parents”

And if you don’t believe in dog-cat friendship, Henry and Baloo are here to prove you wrong. They are two inseparable companions and seem made for each other. Interestingly, the presence of Henry and Balo made the trip of “parents” much more meaningful and wonderful.

Reportedly, these two adorable pets have been with owners Cynthia Bennett and Andre Sibilsky for several years so far, and their adventures are both engaging and memorable. During each trip, Henry makes Baloo lie on his back (or pillow the dog’s head – this is also Baloo’s favorite position) to rest when the cat is tired. They both love doing things together, and the moments between the dog and the cat are unbelievable.

Lovely moment

Fortunately, Ms. Cynthia is a professional photographer, so even though we weren’t present to witness the beautiful moments of the dog and cat, we were still able to sit still and admire the beautiful moments. Their beautiful photos are all over the internet. Their Instagram account has surpassed 2 million followers, Henry and Baloo have become two big stars on social networks.

Although very famous, few people know that both were adopted from animal shelters. Henry was the first to join Cynthia and Andre on hiking trips when they adopted him in 2014, when the puppy was just over three months old. At that time the couple was looking for a strong, vivacious and energetic friend to join their adventure, and Henry was the perfect choice.

The two are extremely close, always sticking together on trips.

Cynthia once shared: “Our story really started when we adopted Henry when he was 3.5 months old. The dog convinced us to bring him home within seconds, when he crawled into my lap and his stomach went up in an instant. We took Henry for the first time ever that week and he immediately climbed the steepest rock for a better view.” She added: “The adventure lasted many years and Henry’s love for the outdoors grew stronger.”

(Photo: henrythecoloradodog)

In 2017, the small family welcomed a new child named Baloo. Things were not easy at first. It took the couple three months to find Henry – the most suitable cat companion for them. Cynthia said of Baloo: “When I entered the room, this cat was the first in the litter to jump out of the chair and run up to me, begging to be picked up. I spent an hour getting to know him, we played together, got close and bonded with each other. He is the absolute perfect person for our family. I adopted Baloo that day and when I walked out of the room to fill out the paperwork, I turned around and saw Baloo standing on the glass door staring at me.”

Cynthia was a little worried about how Henry would react to her new friend. But luckily there’s nothing to worry about. The cat and dog couple love each other more and more with each trip, and their impressive friendship certainly doesn’t stop there!