Animal abandonment is a growing epidemic worldwide. People take animals in and then dump them when they’re no longer wanted. It’s a cruel, barbaric practice that is also illegal in most countries. In Greece, where the economic crisis is a serious situation, Takis and his volunteers never turn an animal away, writes ilovemydogsomuch

On this particular day, they received a call about a German Shepherd chained to a tree in the middle of nowhere.

Upon arrival, Takis was distraught. The dog was underweight and held tightly by a chain that was too short for him. There was a large pot of low-quality food but no water. The chain was too short and the dog couldn’t even reach the food. What was the point?

Takis made a pledge to find the person who did this to the innocent dog! The policeman that accompanied Takis got a bottle of water from his patrol car and gave it to the sweet dog. He was incredibly thirsty and wagged his tail as he drank. Then Takis scanned him for a microchip. There wasn’t one.

Next, Takis removed the chain from the tree and walked the dog over to their vehicle. Incredibly, the dog was so relieved to get away from that tree that he willingly hopped up into the crate that was in the SUV. Maybe this was part of his old routine with his owner?

Whatever the case, this boy is where he needs to be now. He’s no longer chained to a tree essentially starving a slow death or waiting to die from the elements. He’s with Takis and he is safe! Just look at him at the shelter. He’s so happy and well-cared for. Takis’s goal is to get him to a healthy weight.

The most astonishing thing is when the German Shepherd arrives at the shelter and sees a giant bucket of nice clean water to drink, he slurps it up for a very long time. He must’ve been so thirsty! Who could do this to him?! In the four-minute video below, the dog drinks through most of it. It’s insane!

We will never understand what comes over people to do such cruel things. Especially to such loving animals. The police are on the case and promise they will do all they can to find this callous owner!

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